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Why Meditate

Regular practice of meditation can have positive benefits to all aspects of your life, this includes reducing stress, anxiety and other health related issues. Meditation can also improve the quality of your sleep, ability to cope with day to day life, increase your levels of creativity and support spiritual development / awakening.

To work toward these benefits regular meditation practice is key, meditation is no different to anything that requires practice to improve. The basics of the meditative state are to reach a place of being physically relaxed and mentally alert. There are varying methods of meditating however there are commonalities within all practices which include sitting in an upright position, having the eyes closed and concentrating on the breath or something else that allows the mind to have a single point of focus to help reduce the likelihood of the mind wandering. There are many opportunities within your day to mentally pause and focus on the breath for a few seconds to help bring calm and focus to the present moment.

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