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Online Sound Therapy Practitioner Course

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This online course will require you to have following instruments as a minimum requirement.

Two sing bowls, this can either be Tibetan or crystal singing bowls. One bowls must have a diameter equal to or greater than 6 inches.

One Gong (minimum diameter 18" or 46cm or a Tongue / Happi Drum

One of the following - Rainstick, Chimes, Water fall Shaker or Thunderbox

If there is a different instrument that you would like to substitue for one of the above please contact Ian Bentley -

If possible please try and use more than this minimum requirement, this will make your Gong / Sound more enjoyable, you might consider borrowing if purchasing new instruments is a problem.

This course is aim at those that would like to run their own Sound bath's and 1:1's. This is a great add on for Yoga teachers and therapists or those that have an interest in using sound as a therapeutic tool to help others.

The course will cover everything you need to know from handling the instruments, running your event to understanding contraindications.

The course will also cover working with Intention, managing adverse reactions, preparing your space, business tips and other elements that you can bring into this magical experience.

The online course needs to be completed within one month of receiving course content. Competency will be assessed via a multiple choice exam and a 30 minute video of a Gong / Sound bath that you have facilitated. The video of your sound bath will need to be 30 minutes long and include two participants (Please ensure social distancing rules are followed). Further criteria will be provided at the time of purchase.

If you have further questions, please contact Ian via

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