8 x 30 minute Express Yoga classes

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You are purchasing 8 online pre-recorded 30 minute classes. Take time out for yourself in the comfort of your own home to connect with your breath and body, these sessions will leave you feeling relaxed with a calm mind. There is a slow start and end to the session and the bit in between will get the heart rate and the body temperature up. This is not a fast paced class but will get the blood flowing.

You will receive a link to view the class every Monday and Thursday, each class is available for up to 7 days.

These sessions are suitable for beginners, however if you struggle with mobility and injury please contact Ian before purchasing (ian@yogawithian.com).

Take all instructions as guidance, use the modification I suggest and feel free to adjust as needed. Have a yoga block or cushion / pillow nearby for support if required. Remeber you are in charge of what you are doing whilst following my instruction, so take a break if you need to pause the video and then restart. You will receive a link to the class each week following your purchase until the 4 credits have been used.

NOTE this sessions will not be streamed live, you can do the yoga class whenever is convenient for you. Each class will be available for 14 days.

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